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blue dot bowl cover set

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stack (1).jpg
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blue dot bowl cover set


Bowl Covers: 
Ok, so it looks like an old fashioned shower cap. We get it. But these bowl covers are actually a modern miracle, destined to help save the planet one potato salad at a time. Their innovative design allows you to cover almost any size bowl, eliminating the need for plastic wrap or foil. They're awesome for food prep, bringing a dish to a BBQ, saving leftovers + covering jars when you can't find the right lid. You'll have the most stylish salad at the potluck and can feel good knowing that you kept one more big wad of plastic wrap out of the landfill. Nothing old fashioned about that. These bowl covers make fantastic hostess gifts too!

Each bowl cover set comes with a small, medium + large bowl cover. 

Small fits up to a 6.5" bowl, medium a 9" bowl, and large a 14" bowl.

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