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product info + dimensions

Mini: 5½ x 4½
Our most popular size for the tiniest hands! The Mini is just the perfect size for toting all kinds of little treasures.

+ Our favorite uses include: Tiny snacks like pretzels, cheesy crackers, baby carrots, nuts + puffs. Plus toy cars, dog treats, pet rocks, marbles, pacifiers, gift cards + party favors.

Small: 7¼  x 4¾
Don’t let the name fool you. This bag is big on style + function. It has a flat bottom edge, making it a snug little home for all kinds of loot.

+ Our favorite uses for the Small include: half a sandwich, dog treats, vitamins + other medications, cell phones, sticker collections, hair baubles, tiny animals, racing cars, lip balm, gift cards. Plus snacks like cheese puffs, apple slices, crackers + peanut butter, fruit chews, party mix, cucumber spears, granola + sweet potato chips.

Medium: 7 ¼ x 6 ¾
Peanut Butter + Jelly. Turkey + Swiss. Ham + Cheese. Hummus + Cucumber. Whatever your favorite, this is your sandwich bag. The Medium has a nice flat edge, perfect for keeping together whatever you choose to put between two slices of bread (or a pita or a bagel or…). It’ll keep your lunch incredibly fresh and wipes clean easily with the swipe of a cloth (yes, even sticky PB&J – it really doesn’t get stuck in the corners, pinkie swear)

+ Our other favorite uses for the Medium include: golf tees + balls, crayons + art supplies, baseball cards, cell phones + MP3 players, jewelry, make-up + sunscreen, toys + games. Plus larger snacks like grapes, orange slices, trail mix, giant pretzels, muffins + pastries (that’s a snack, right?), carrots + celery.

Skinny: 10” x 4½
The latest addition to our family of bags may be skinny, but it can hold its own on function. Its slender profile makes it perfect for sneaking into purses, gym bags, glove boxes, back pockets and carry-ons.

+ Our favorite uses include: pencils + pens, make-up brushes, emergency granola bars, lip gloss collections, unmentionables, jewelry, cords + headphones.

Essential: 10” x 7½
We didn't call it Essential for nothing - this bag is just the right size to hold all of your most-used items when traveling. Whether you're headed to the park or across the ocean, the Essential is perfect for carrying those few items you can't live without... It could be Legos or your gym cosmetics, either way the Essential has your back.
+ Our favorite uses include: bigger snacks on-the-go, building toys, rock + shell collections, make-up + medications, unmentionables, art supplies, chargers, extra socks + undies, first aid kit.

Large: 10×10½
This bag is so useful we should’ve called it the Handyman. The boxed bottom edge makes it super roomy and perfect for stuffing all kinds of goodies.

+ Our favorite uses include: wet or dry clothes, diapers + wipes, zero-waste lunch bag, makeup or travel cosmetic bag, art supplies, wet swimsuits, dog food for travel, sweaty gym clothes, baby bottles + an ice pack, dolls + clothes, extra shoes, toys + games.

Bowl Covers: 
Ok, so it looks like an old fashioned shower cap. We get it. But these bowl covers are actually a modern miracle, destined to help save the planet one potato salad at a time. Their innovative design allows you to cover almost any size bowl, eliminating the need for plastic wrap or foil. They're awesome for food prep, bringing a dish to a BBQ, saving leftovers + covering jars when you can't find the right lid. You'll have the most stylish salad at the potluck and can feel good knowing that you kept one more big wad of plastic wrap out of the landfill. Nothing old fashioned about that. These bowl covers make fantastic hostess gifts too! Each bowl cover set comes with a small, medium + large bowl cover. Small fits up to a 6.5" bowl, medium a 9" bowl, and large a 14" bowl.